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Say Goodbye to The Dull & Dirty with Doctor Clean

Furniture Like New With Upholstery Cleaning

From sofas to carpets, Doctor Clean does it all! Revamp the upholstery in your home with Doctor Clean's Upholstery Cleaning Service.

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Stains and dirt still visible on your upholstery even after deep cleaning?

Removing stubborn stains, dirt and grime that runs deep within the fabric of your furniture can be difficult. Upholstery is especially challenging to clean because of its absorbent nature that readily sucks up any spilled liquids. Dust mites and bacteria tend to live within upholstered furniture that can flare up allergies.

Your upholstery still looks dull even after a good scrub down

You can't seem to get rid of those stubborn stains latched onto the fabric of your furniture

You are worried about dust mites and bacteria found within your upholstery

Doctor Clean's Premier Upholstery Cleaning Service

Restore The Beauty Of Your Upholstery With Doctor Clean

Does your favorite sofa need a little care? Trust Doctor Clean's Upholstery Cleaning Service to refresh and revitalize your soft furnishings. We understand how much you value your upholstery. That’s why we use the safest and most effective cleaning techniques to work away stains, restore vibrancy and vanquish invisible invaders, without damaging your fabric. With Doctor Clean, your furniture again will look brand new again!

Spotless Spaces, Smiling Faces

Expert Supervised Cleaning Every Time

High-Quality Cleaning Equipment & Products


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Why Choose Doctor Clean?

Trustworthy and Reliable

Doctor Clean will make sure you get an efficient and reliable one-day spring cleaning services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Choose Doctor Clean with confidence because we offer a "No Clean, No Pay" guarantee that assures your satisfaction or a refund.

Superior Supervision

All cleaning tasks are supervised by a dedicated supervisor to ensure that every corner is spotless before we hand over to you.

Germ-Free Home

Doctor Clean goes the extra mile by providing a disinfection service, ensuring your home is free of germs and bacteria.

Affordable Cleaning Excellence

Check Out The Pricing For Our Upholstery Cleaning Service

Price List

Enjoy 12% Off When You Book For 3 Items or More!

Yearly Package (2X)

Enjoy 10% Off When You Book For 3 Items or More!

Mattress Single: $88

Mattress Queen: $108

Mattress King: $128

1 Seater Sofa: $88

2 Seater Sofa: $108

3 Seater Sofa: $148

4 Seater Sofa: $178

Carpet Shampooing & Cleaning

Small Carpet/Rug: $78

Medium Carpet/Rug: $128

Large Carpet/Rug: $168

Add on:-

Pillow/Bolster/Soft Toy: $39

Mattress Single: $68 X2

Mattress Queen: $98 X2

Mattress King: $118X2

1 Seater Sofa: $78 X2

2 Seater Sofa: $98 X2

3 Seater Sofa: $138 X2

4 Seater Sofa: $158 X2

Carpet Shampooing & Cleaning

Small Carpet/Rug: $68 X2

Medium Carpet/Rug: $118 X2

Large Carpet/Rug: $158 X2

Add on:-

Pillow/Bolster/Soft Toy: +$29 X2

Upholstery Booking
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