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Your office will always look its best with Doctor Clean

Maximize Work Productivity With Office Cleaning

A clean office is a productive office! Doctor Clean will take care of the mess at your workplace with our Office Cleaning Service while you focus on the success of your business. 

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A cluttered office can hinder concentration and efficiency 

The state of your workplace is a reflection your company's productivity. An office that is messy and dirty can give off a bad impression to employees and clients. Hence, the importance of ensuring your office is spick and span at all times is key to a better work environment.

Your employees' work morale and productivity seems short-lived

Your office workplace gives off a bleak first impression

You are worried about the effects of germs, irritants and pollutants in your office

Take Pride In Your Workplace With Doctor Clean

Doctor Clean Will Make Your Office Gleam & Sparkle

Rely on Doctor Clean to sweep, mop and dust the mess away in your office workplace so you can get back to work. From cleaning the dishes in the office pantry to making the glass panels shine, Doctor Clean will approach each cleaning task your office needs with immaculate detail. Doctor Clean's top-notch Office Cleaning Service will have you prioritizing work with peace of mind!

Spotless Spaces, Smiling Faces

Expert Supervised Cleaning Every Time

High-Quality Cleaning Equipment & Products


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Why Choose Doctor Clean?

Hassle-Free Transition

All cleaning tasks are supervised by a dedicated supervisor to ensure that every corner is spotless before we hand over to you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is paramount and if expectations aren’t met, we’ll either make immediate corrections or issue a refund for you.

Superior Supervision

All cleaning tasks are supervised by a dedicated supervisor to ensure that every corner is spotless before we hand over to you. 

Holistic Property Care

We also offer a wide range of services like air-con servicing, handyman services, plumbing services, curtain dry cleaning and painting services.

Affordable Cleaning Excellence

Check Out Our Office Cleaning Package


Price Starts from $80/- Nett

Cubicle Cleaning

Carpet Vacuuming

Cabinet & Desk Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Vacuuming and Mopping

Trash Clean-Up

Ceiling Dusting

Toilet Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Disinfectant Cleaning

Pantry Cleaning


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