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Leave your chores to Doctor Clean

Save Time On Chores With Housekeeping

Return to a flawless mess-free home every time with Doctor Clean's Housekeeping Service as our expert cleaners take the work out of housework!

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Keeping your home clean and spotless can be tiresome after a hard day's work

With only so few hours in a day, it can be difficult to prioritize household chores especially if you have been at work all day. Even if you had the time to tidy up, every home needs a proper deep cleaning once a week. 

You don't have enough time to clean and tidy up your home

Your home remains unkempt no matter how thoroughly you clean

You would rather spend your free time doing meaningful activities

Doctor Clean: Redefining Housekeeping, One Home at a Time

Mastering the Art of a Spotless Home

When it comes to maintaining your home's cleanliness, Doctor Clean is your trusted partner. We believe you deserve to enjoy a clean, organized space without the stress of doing it all yourself. With our top-tier Housekeeping Service, you can walk into a fresh and spotless home every day. Let Doctor Clean do the tidying, dusting, vacuuming, and more, so you can relax and focus on what matters most to you.

Spotless Spaces, Smiling Faces

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

High-Quality Cleaning Equipment & Products


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Why Choose Doctor Clean?

Hassle-Free Transition

Our service simplifies tenant turnover for landlords and property agents, ensuring a smooth handover in prime condition within a single day.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is paramount and if expectations aren’t met, we’ll either make immediate corrections or issue a refund for you.

Superior Supervision

All cleaning tasks are supervised by a dedicated supervisor to ensure that every corner is spotless before we hand over to you. 

Holistic Property Care

We also offer a wide range of services like air-con servicing, handyman services, plumbing services, curtain dry cleaning and painting services.

Affordable Cleaning Excellence

Check Out Our Housekeeping Package


Price Starts from $25/Hour

Ceiling Dusting

Ceiling fan wiping

Cabinet Cleaning

Window Cleaning 

Vacuuming and Mopping

Door Wiping 

Floor Skirting Wiping

Toilet Cleaning

Balcony Cleaning

Disinfectant Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning


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